I am She.

i'm so glad i got to watch this again at the movies. i love it even more the second time. it's perfect. everything is so meticulously designed and put together. i think that's a testiment to luca's love of the original film which allowed him to create something that not only honors the original but also progresses the story that dario argento and daria nicolodi created. it's not even a remake, it's more of a reimaging of the original. there's so much to compliment in this film. the performances are terrific, specifically dakota johnson and tilda swinton. the editing is magnificent, the cinematography is majestic, the choreography is beautiful and thom yorke's score is stellar and one of my favourite aspects of the film. there aren't enough adjectives to describe how great this movie is. another aspect i love is how mirrors and reflections are used throughout the film, a characteristic also of the original suspiria. the dream sequences are terrifying, as is the destruction of olga. the ending is something out of a satanic bible. the colours are gorgeous and vibrant and as unmade playing in the background the scene becomes equal levels haunting and beautiful. that's how i would describe the entire film actually, haunting and beautiful. luca created a masterpiece, and it's perfect.

Dance everyone, dance. It's so beautiful.

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