After the Sunset

After the Sunset ★½

You know when a movie just makes you go 'Arghhh!'? This is the one for it.

Horribly generic, stuffy and shot like those commercials for luxury cruises. I love heist movies, but here the heist was almost non consequential? No planning, no nothing, no gearing up to go, it just happened and boom next scene and it didn't even matter in the end? Try to understand me here, so if a heist was taken out of this, the movie's ending would still make sense because it literally didn't matter. Also Don Cheadle was criminally underused here and his character had the potential to really spice it up, but no, it was one sided and dull in the end.

I was lured in for Salma Hayek and Naomie Harris, and then there was also the... I don't even know how to describe it, so I'll just say Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan gay romance but not for real.

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