Burning ★★½

I hate that feeling when you should've enjoyed the film as much as everyone else but it turns out my hopes were overshadowed by bittersweet taste of disappointment. It took me some time to prepare myself for Burning because I already knew this will be slow-burner and most of the time, I just can't connect with the stale style of cinematic storytelling. Images should move, action should speak louder than words and the finish line should impact me like a meteor crashing down through the skies. First two acts felt inconsistent with scenes that add nothing particularly interesting. Chit-chatting, drinking, making food. It's clear that for me the third act shines most, and as soon two of the characters started discussing their feelings and burning greenhouses. I was there. I was in it, man. At that moment, the film suddenly switched the lanes and began giving out clues which I wanted to see earlier. The performances were fine with Steven Yeun being as a frontrunner. His low-key smile, gentle demeanor, and gestures were spot-on. The quiet ones are usually the most dangerous, and his character was all about that. The scenery is pretty beautiful here, introducing us what it looks like in Korea, a difference between city life and the countryside. Burning deserves another shot so someday, I'll come back and hopefully, my thoughts or feelings will change for the better.

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