Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting tired of superhero films and not because I don't like them or I despise them. No. I love them, but because nowadays there's hardly anything other than comic book hero films, the repertoire seems one-dimensional. General audiences do seem fine with that and that's acceptable. We need that blockbuster season. However, as someone who tries to watch all kinds of movies, this may be the reason why people enthusiasm or lack of interest surrounding other countries, their respected filmmakers and their share of work stays undetected.

Spider-Man may be far from home, but this time, it lands closer to my heart than Homecoming ever did. The whole film drizzles with the right atmosphere from start to finish. Jon Watts has stepped a notch, and his decision to finally ensure the film is going to be more energetic than its predecessor is a big positive. Homecoming felt a bit too trapped inside its own cell while Far From Home feels adventurous, taking risks and sharing the fun with its audience. Also, there's an impressive work of action sequences that could possibly be one of Marvel best.

Tom Holland is a perfect Spidey, and he has established himself as the only guy who can deliver this role and satisfy even the biggest Marvel fans all around the globe. For the most part Jake plays Jake, but at the end of the second act when pages of the script take a different route, he defines Mysterio. One of the coolest dick-headed villains you'll find in a Marvel film.

The major criticism starts from its lack of emotional depth which felt forgotten due to the films driving force - a relationship between Peter Parker and MJ. I understand the lighthearted approach after End Game, but the impact of Stark's death could've been explored much better. Another weakness is enormously loaded comedy. In some instances, it works, but more often than not it affects the film.

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