Terminator Genisys ★★½

Wow, this actually wasn't completely total garbage like I thought it was going to be.

I've had 4 hours sleep so I'mma just list off what I thought: (Spoilers)

- They should have picked a different actor for John Connor
- What happened to J. Jonah Jameson?
- The franchise one liners needed to stop.
- Is every action film released from this point onward going to have a completely unnecessary post-credits scene?
- CGI was pretty amazing I guess.
- Arnie looked like he had a fun time
- Film managed to juggle like, 12 different timelines and alternate timelines and somehow make it coherent (although the continuity between Terminator 3 and Salvation is ruined and I don't know if they're considered canon any more or what is going on oh well.)
- The part where Bad Boys starts playing was cringe-worthy (You will know.)
- The fucking trailer spoiled the tweeeest for me.
- Was not invested in the "romance" at all, and all the jargon about fate and destiny was dumb and pretentious.
- However the relationship between Sarah Connor and Robot Dad was actually kinda tender and genuine, it worked.
- Kinda disappointed they didn't get Bill Paxton to reprise his role as obnoxious 80's punk man (I don't care how old he is sssh.)
- I liked Robot Dad. Robot Dad was cool. I liked the "Sarah Connor - seatbelt" line, "my Sarah", and the photos on the wall in the bunker. Robot Dad is coolest dad. Robot Dad cares.
- However Robot Dad falling into a pit of regenerative poly alloy magic gloop is deus ex machina (HUEHAU GEDDIT) and was eye-roll worthy and shouldn't have happened.
- I really don't think MRIs work that way.
- There's a scene in Looper where Bruce Willis goes "don't fucking think too much about the time travel shit." and I think you really need to keep that in mind watching this movie too.
- When they are in the helicopter, one of the good guys shoots a fuel tanker truck and it explodes. Was the driver okay? Did he died??????
- But it was all still kinda fun. Messy and clunky, but fun nonetheless.

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