M3GAN ★★★★½

You gave me an algorithm and then left me to work everything out on my own!
- M3gan

Man, I really love this movie! This may be my first review, but I've now seen M3GAN four times, and each time I love it even more. This was the best killer doll Horror since Chucky. Blumhouse actually produced a FUNtastic movie of such stellar calibre, I was rendered speechless after watching it for the first time. A delightful blend of comedy, sci-fi, scares, and emotion.

MEGAN made for an awesome villain and was such a blast seeing it slowly test the limits of and finally break free from its programming, allowing it to kill the humans with impunity. The entire cast were amazing, particularly Allison Williams as Gemma and Violet McGraw as Cady. This was such a fun-filled ride and one of the better Horrors of 2022. I anxiously await for the sequel.

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