Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Mysterio: It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves.

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After rewatching this for a second time and paying closer attention, it pains me to say that this leaned more towards the dull side than the fun side. As such, I hate to say that this was the worst of all the Spider-Man movies released so far. This was not the Spider-Man I came to know and love from the comics. I found Jon Watts tried too hard and many of the dramatic scenes ended up dragging on a bit too long and the humorous scenes were lacking in laughs and just came off as corny. However, some of the film's saving graces was the energetic and incredibly choreographed action sequences and the visually stunning CGI (I particularly enjoyed watching the elementals come to life and fight Mysterio and Spider-Man on the screen).

Another couple of saving graces was the masterful performances from Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Quentin Beck/Mysterio). The interaction and enmity between the actor's characters was impeccably sound. I loved Spider-Man's new suit during the climatic battle with Mysterio as Jon did away with all the high-tech crap and brought Spider-Man back to his roots.

I have no issues with any of the other co-stars as I think they all did a great job in their respective roles, with the sole exception of one actress. I like Zendaya and I think she is a great actress. I love her and her character, Rue Bennett, in Euphoria. But, after watching this for a second time, I have come to the conclusion that she was miscast for the role of MJ. Mary Jane Watson (MJ) is a green-eyed redhead with a strong exuberant, carefree, and fun personality, all traits that Zendaya lacks in this film. Sam Raimi nailed MJ perfectly by casting Kirsten Dunst in the role in his Spider-Man franchise. She fit the bill perfectly as the ideal MJ, right down to uttering her classic pet name for Peter, "Tiger". For me, Zendaya is a huge miss.

I also enjoyed the first post credits scene. J. Jonah Jameson was spot on and Spider-Man's reaction was actually funny. I could have done without the second post credits scene. This was just plain idiotic and did not seem to fit with the movie's overall tone.

Overall, one of the weaker entries in the MCU but it still managed to be a fun ride after everything was said and done, despite its gaping flaws.

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