favs are my top 4 movies i watched last month

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  • The Devil's Rejects

    The Devil's Rejects


    amazing for many reasons, one of which being a steely dan needle drop, always appreciate those

  • Domino



    idk how to talk about this one it's a lot lol holy shit tho

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  • Tenet



    as i left the theater for this film i felt elated. nolan had done it again, a true masterpiece that i saw in the theater. but then my laugh turned into a strange cough, and a headache too. now i am dealing with trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, inability to stay awake, and bluish lips or face. but still, what a movie!

  • Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive


    loud, grimy, nasty film, loved the hell out of it. differs from tcm a lot as where that film felt unsettlingly close to reality in presentation, here hooper leans aggressively into artificiality, from the obvious soundstage to the harsh lighting to the hammy performances, all of which ends up working perfectly under the tight mastery of craft here. amazing sound design too, an aural assault