Jaws ★★★★★

I thought I was going to miss the current IMAX release of remastered Jaws, but managed to squeeze in a morning screening. I was the only person in the theatre - slightly disappointing, since this is a movie made to be shared by an audience.

I know the film so well, knew what was coming next a lot of the time despite not having seen it for a few years, but its power has never diminished, and seeing it for the first time on a big screen was a tremendous experience. Even though I know they are coming, Ben Gardener’s head and the ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat’ moment are still brilliantly effective jump-scares. The IMAX sound system also does wonders for the innovative sound design - Shaw’s nails on the chalkboard introductory moment genuinely made me wince - and, of course, for John Williams’ glorious score.

Above all, on this viewing I appreciated, more than ever, the chemistry among the three leads - how many blockbusters have allowed room for characterisations as indelible as sturdy Scheider, salty Shaw and wisecracking Dreyfuss? - and the genuine feeling of community within the little town of Amity. Perhaps using mostly non-professional locals was what gave it such authenticity but even the tiniest roles are memorable - a personal favourite is the bitchy woman with glasses on the town council, a nasty piece of work indeed.

I’d have regretted not catching this screening. The print is clear, the sound immaculate, and I was enthralled right from that legendary opening attack. I can only imagine the power this film must have had over audiences seeing it for the first time back in 1975.  We have not seen its like since. 

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