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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    plays like a Greatest Hits album run through a cheap, hackneyed cover band. Disney spent something silly like four billion dollars buying this franchise and the first meaningful thing they do with it is release a trilogy with no second act, no characters and the emotional depth of a puddle.

    I remember thinking when watching his first instalment of Star Trek: Reboot a few years ago that Abrams can competently write a love-letter to franchises in a way that at…

  • Joker



    as I left to go for a piss, I knocked and spilled a woman’s full drink onto her lap, shoes and coat in a packed cinema, so I too know the pains of being a total outcast shunned by modern life and society.


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  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


    there was a point when I was watching this that I realised I had been on the verge of tears for the entire runtime and I wasn't quite sure why. maybe it was because I was watching it at 11 in the morning, blurry-eyed and having only just woken up 20 minutes before the film started. maybe it was just nice to be quiet for a little while.


  • 1917



    it may have taken only one shot for Gavrilo Princip to ignite the war, but this really needed something else going for it outside of its visuals. 


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  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    "My pain is sharp and constant, and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape."

    Christian Bale's performance, man. I see nothing but praise for it and yet I still find it to be criminally underappreciated. Bale's lethal, suave brilliance is what illuminates the intricately woven and blood-stained tapestry of sharp looks and sharper knives that is American Psycho. It is,…

  • The Thin Red Line

    The Thin Red Line


    "Maybe all men got one big soul everybody's a part of, all faces are the same man."

    This film is so beautiful that I tried to keep my eyes open whilst sneezing so that I wouldn't miss anything. I have so much to say about it and yet simultaneously feel lost for words.

    Malick's profound meditation on the horrors of war is one of the most spiritual and moving I've ever born witness to, and for my third film by…