The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★

"So you're telling me you made a porno where the plot is the point?"

I'd like to start by saying that I really liked the first half, and really didn't like the second.

The first half is exactly what I wanted. It's great fun. Crowe and Gosling deliver some pretty funny one-liners and work really well together. It may be a pretty odd pairing, but it works.

It's a throwback to the bygone era of buddy comedies, but manages to maintain a sense of originality and, whilst it's clear that it definitely takes inspiration from the likes of Boogie Nights and, to a lesser extent, Polanski's Chinatown, it feels fresh and surprisingly reinvigorating.

But then it just devolves into something far more derivative and, frankly, generic and rather boring. As the focus shifts from a 'spy' comedy to an action-comedy, it just gets tiring and I personally felt the will to continue watching gradually erode.

Also, Anjourie Rice as Holly worked just fine as a side character who appeared to complete a gag. She was unbearably irritating as a main character.

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