Malice ★★

What in the convoluted Aaron Sorkin mess is this...

I have no issue with what many interpret as "plot holes" when there are moments in films left up to interpretation or are simply unimportant. However, Malice is four movies in one, each subplot in constant brawl with each other. I intially watched this because 1. I started last November on a huge erotic thriller kick and wanted to fill in holes 2. I initially thought this was a film about rape (something I've done a lot of work on). There IS a rape subplot that wraps up quickly near the middle. There are visual cues alluding to a power imbalance between Nicole Kidman and Bill Pullman since their relationship started as a teacher-student romance. Then the film teeters between "man invades a couple's life" (Alec Baldwin) and "this is just Double Indemnity/Mississippi Mermaid". As it keeps going, everyone becomes one-note and flat, quickly unrelatable, and spend a lot of time bickering?! I'm so disappointed! Even when Nicole Kidman plays manipulative or "evil" characters I still root for her and like her - I understand what she's up to! In this instance, though not Kidman's fault, I felt a gross taste in my mouth - like she's a caricature of a femme fatale or an exaggerated story by a man scorned. Ew.