Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★½

I'll just cut to the chase, I wasn't looking forward to watching this. Kaufman has been all over the map for me and honestly I was intimidated by how depressing and dense this seemed.

Synecdoche, New York is depressing and dense, but in a good way. Much like I'm Thinking of Ending Things the film starts out relatively straightforward and then continues to descend into surrealism. My issue with I'm Thinking of Ending Things was that I felt like the actual events of the movie were not engaging unless you knew what was going on. Here that isn't the case, I actually cared about the plot and because of that I was curious to investigate the more complex ideas, rather than feeling forced to.

Could I explain what this movie is about? The simple answer is no. I would need to rewatch it a few more times before I would even feel confident giving a rundown of it's message. To me however, on my first watch I saw it as the dangers of living your life trying to make sense of it all, when in reality you don't have much time before you die, so you might as well just try to live it.

I would love to hear what other people thought it was about because it feels like there is so much to unpack and I am eager to tear away all the wrapping paper.

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