The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

Look Robert Pattison I love the work you have been doing lately but that voice ain't it.

Let me start out with a positive, this movie isn't boring. There is definitely enough happening in it to stay engaged.

The problem is that this movie goes for shock value way too often that it completely numbs it out and makes it almost comedic. It has moments that in better movies would be super effective, surprising and shocking but there are like 10 of those that it's really steps into the territory of cartoonish.

In terms of the actual plot, there is a main plot that is kinda interesting but it never gets fleshed out enough because a lot of time is taken up from an almost un-important b plot. An hour and a half into the movie I was still trying to figure out what the point was or where it was trying to go.

Most of the performances are fine but none really stand out as all that great since the script itself is pretty ridiculous, and some feel a little miscast.

Overall it's not a terrible movie and is completely watchable. I did have a good time with it even though some of it was spent laughing at how over the top it was.

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