The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain

This is a movie that feels like it should be five stars based on how well it is put together and how much detail is put into each shot. It's psychedelic, trippy, filled with commentary and in many ways extremely beautiful.

Despite being obscure, abstract, avant garde and what not I actually didn't find it confusing. If anything the most impressive part is how well the film manages to communicate it's themes through whatever the hell is going on visually.

I'm not going to rate it yet. Like I said it's probably a film that deserves five stars but I'm not sure my enjoyment of it was at a five star level on first watch. I still really enjoyed it but I want to sit with it a bit more before I can even figure out what the hell to rate it. If you're reading this and it has a rating it means that future me somehow managed to complete the impossible task of quantifying this movie through assigning it a certain number of stars.

Maybe I should give it a go on drugs, although I'm not sure I will come out the other side the same.

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