What's Up, Doc? ★★★

I have unintentionally done a bit of a Bogdanovich marathon the last week or so but I am happy to report that the man is now 3 for 3.

All of his movies so far seem to borrow from and older time in film, here being the screwball comedy. Although, while Paper Moon and The Last Picture Show submerged themselves fully into their time period, here it seems like more of a blend between the 30's and 70's.

It essentially plays as a 70's version of bringing up baby except where intercostal clavicles are traded in for music rocks and sharp witty dialogue is blended with massive Mel Brooks style slapstick set pieces. And honestly it does a pretty good job.

The writing is sharp and witty, if Streisand is to be Hepburn, she is just as charismatic. It's fun it's light, it's silly. Ryan O'Neal is fine as well but if he is to be Grant, he definitely doesn't keep up as well with his partner in crime.

I also think it can be clunky at times. In old screwball comedies I am always impressed at how naturally the gags and the one liners flow into each other. Here, there are definitely times where it feels like moments are being forced in just to respond with a funny one liner, which makes the comedy feel a little less fluid.

Overall though it is still a lot of fun, and Bogdanovich is a master at capturing the magic of the sources he draws from.

*Happy Valentine's day everyone!

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