Woman at War

Woman at War ★★★

Woman at war is a cute and charming film with a great message behind it, but not much more.

It's competently made, it's looks nice, it's well acted, and well paced but I just found it's narrative a bit to predictable and by the numbers. Nothing that happened here really surprised me or subverted my expectations, outside of maybe the typically non-diegetic score become diegetic with the presence of a life band. I get the sort of cute and cartoony vibe the film is going for with it's plot convinences, but personally I found them a bit too safe and made the film less impactful.

I can't say I didn't enjoy it though. It is well made and never does anything too egregious to turn me off from it. The subplot with the child added a nice human touch, and the I found the final shot particularly harrowing. Also, I am never going to pass up an opportunity to look at some Icelandic scenery for a couple hours.

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