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  • Les Dogs

    Les Dogs


    On this week's Pop Screen Graham and I follow up our chat about Kate Bush's sole directorial effort The Line, The Cross and the Curve with this, her first acting role, in The Comic Strip Presents beautifully dystopic, blackly comic and Godardesque film Les Dogs.

    Did Peter Richardson only cast The Blessed Kate in this so he could kiss her? We're still not sure. But at some stage during our chat about this, one of the more surreal and abstract of The Comic Strip's, we worked out what the fuck was going on. So that was nice.

    Listen to it here or watch on YouTube

  • The Line, the Cross & the Curve

    The Line, the Cross & the Curve


    Thanks to Stranger Things, The Blessed Kate Bush has rocketed to number one in the charts and into the hearts of a new generation.

    With its finger ever on the pulse, how does The Geek Show's podcast Pop Screen address this cultural phenomenon? That's right, by getting two middle-aged northern blokes who haven't seen a single episode of Stranger Things in their lives. I'm told it's a fantasy, which makes sense as it transpires that it's about a cop in…

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  • A Perfect Crime

    A Perfect Crime


    As much the story of the perils and pitfalls in the early days of German reunification as it is the story of the political assassination of Detlev Rohwedder, a murder which remains unsolved to this day.

    This four part Netflix documentary series grips like a thriller where necessary, setting out the numerous suspects and conspiracy theories that have been hotly contested for the last thirty-one years. Was it the elusive third generation of the Red Army Faction? Was it disgruntled…

  • Kiss the Girls

    Kiss the Girls


    Decided to give the first film in this short lived series a whirl. This leans more into the detective thriller than the sequel, which tried to be a bit more action oriented. I think this was the way to go. It already feels more mature, but there's no escaping the shadow of The Silence of the Lambs that looms over it. Worse, I can't believe both films effectively have the same twist! I don't really think I missed out on much by passing on these films on release, though it is fun to see Morgan Freeman play such a traditional heroic lead.

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  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    St Helens Disability Advice and Welfare Network, St Helens Jobcentre, Ashton-In-Makerfield Jobcentre, Huyton Jobcentre, Apex Charitable Trust, Shaw Trust St Helens, Starting Point St Helens.

    Just some of the places I've worked at that involve helping people into work, getting people 'job ready' or dealing with people's benefit claims.

    Jobseekers allowance, Incapacity benefit, Employment and Support allowance, Carers allowance.

    Just some of the benefits I've claimed since (and between) those jobs.

    I've ran jobclubs, CV making courses and jobmatch programmes,…

  • Elephant



    40 minutes.

    18 killings.

    3 lines of dialogue.

    No structure, seemingly.

    No rhyme or reason, seemingly.

    Just the elephant in the room.

    A brutal uncompromising look at Sectarian assassination that dramatises genuine events and forces you to consider the Troubles in a way that acres of news coverage cannot. Just what is your gut reaction at the end of it? Does the endless cadence of footfall and gunfire go some way to desensitise you or does it make you realise…