Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

So many Netflix films have a solid cast, a great premise and look promising only to prove utterly underwhelming...

Thank God that Dolemite Is My Name is an exception. Indeed, to that end, you could say that Dolemite finally whipped Shaft's ass...if we're talking the recent Netflix Shaft movie that is.

I sat through this with a big grin on my face, such was its infectious charm, energy and humour, to say nothing its surprisingly touching undercurrent. There's a moment where Eddie Murphy's Rudy Ray Moore gets so carried away by the scene he's performing in in his movie Dolemite, that he turns to the camera and the director exclaiming how he can't wait to watch the movie. I know how he feels, as I feel sure I'll probably check out the original film for myself before the week is out, based on this experience.

Welcome back not only to Murphy, but also to Wesley Snipes too, who plays that director, D'urville Martin.

Also thumbs up for the Bill Cosby dig.

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