Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Repulsion for people who can't bring themselves to watch Polanski nowadays.

I've put this one off for so long now. Partly because I was Ellie for so long, obsessed with the 60s, that I felt the nostalgia here wouldn't reach my expectations or that it would simply be too much for my neurodiverse brain, and partly because I haven't really rated Edgar Wright since Hot Fuzz. But there's another reason I put it off and that's the reviews that consider it problematic. And maybe it is, I dunno. Whilst I consider myself a feminist, I'm a cis man still unpacking a multitude of things and therefore I'm not best placed to judge. But I'll just refer to this review from my friend Alice.

What a brilliant farewell performance from Diana Rigg ❤️

Jocasta can go and suck a leg. But considering she's blatantly putting on a character to fit in in the big city (Manchester, with that accent?) I'm sure she'll get hers soon enough.

Oh and someone please tell Rita Tushingham that Wimpy still exists, its just that there's not many of them now. I had one in Swanage earlier this year and they're bloody lovely. Everything I remembered.

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