Room ★★★★

"You are gonna love it?"
The World!"

Love has no boundaries.
An unsettling and challenging approach towards a brilliant-laced, unconventional Mother-Son relationship and why it is one of the most well gifted traits in Life.
A sensationally gripping epic of the 2010s decade and it knows how to win our sore hearts even at times when we are too constricted or unpretending to be loved or show what it actually is.
Room is morely concentrated on its poetic contemplations and the scenarios of unbounding love, torture and eventual redemption. It is beautifully adapted on screen, the score makes you flow and the quotes brings down the tears in your eyes.
An innovative connection into the outside world and an exasperating exploration with you seeing yourself seek the impossible.
"There's so much of space in the world. There's less time because the time has to be spread extra thin all over the places, like butter. So all the persons say Hurry up! Let's get going! Pick up the pace! Finish up now! But there is something which keeps us held. Our hope and courage can break all the barriers."
Masterfully crafted, with nostalgia ripping you over.
Brie Larson gives an outstanding methodical performance and the Direction is also great( somewhat slowly paced at times and some unnecessary materials).
Are you ready to step outside and watch the real world now?