Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

Do you love your wife?? Does she love you?? Do you love each other?? Do you want her to be gone at times?? Does she want you to be gone for a while?? Do you find her boring now?? Do you fuck like robots now?? Do robots fuck each other?? Do you find other women more attractive?? Does she nag you all the time?? Does the young girl flirt with you?? Do you want to fuck her brains out?? Do you want to leave your wife?? Does she cling to you like the freaking bee?? Do you find yourself intelligent?? Do you find your wife foolish??
If you do, you are the MAN. You are the one who is going to be the luckiest hubby of the world. Only, if your wife is a Gone Girl. You are one lucky fella because you entered the arena at the very right time. You don't watch circus, you live in circus. You don't listen to news, you are stuffed with news. You don't collect information, you are bombarded with information. You don't become famous, you are made famous. You don't kill people, You save yourself. You don't love, You make two ends meet. You don't fuck, You cash the fucker.
Awesome world!!!!! Isn't it?? Who would not like to live here?? Oh boy, you grew up in Arizona. To hell with that. You are already living the dream of your life. You are already having 220$ dinner with your perfect lady. And your problems?? You are your own problem. Your wife is your problem. Your money is your problem. Your life is your problem. What a mess!!!
Try anything. Try to be a recluse, Try to be a misogynist, Try to be an anti-feminist, Try to be a republican, The world will go on like this. You are nothing. You are just a piece of shit that gets flushed every time it comes out. You will always be a sadist who gets fucked every single day. You say you hate women, but you will end up there. You know why??? Because a girl's real identity is that she is a girl. and when it is a gone girl, you are nothing but a piece of shit.
Go find her. Because this movie is for those who are not planning to be alone forever. Watch it to realize that there are bad choices out there.

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