that’s your problem. you don’t want to be in love. you want to be in love in a movie. | top four are spooky 👻

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  • Mirror



    sometimes i think that maybe the closest you can get to knowing your own soul is when a character in a tarkovsky film looks straight down the camera at you... it’s like someone has taken your hand in theirs

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  • Munich



    spielberg man... your films are so technically good and so beautifully crafted but god they’re boring... please please please can you make a film that i actually connect with on an emotional level so i can stop telling people your masterpiece is tintin

  • Springsteen On Broadway

    Springsteen On Broadway


    last night, i was like a child on christmas eve, waiting for the release of bruce springsteen’s newest album letter to you. today i have listened to it non-stop (it’s really good!!!) so i thought this would be the perfect time to finally watch springsteen on broadway. it did not disappoint - i cried and laughed so much -  it was such a cathartic experience. i never ever give shows ratings but i am willing to break my own rules to give mister springsteen the five stars he deserves!!

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  • Rebecca



    this is a plea for people to stop remaking perfect films. the idea that a film is 'inaccessible' and needs to be remade because it's old and in black and white, despite it being universally beloved? stupid! i hate it!

    absolutely baffling that someone watched hitchcock's magnum opus, a timeless, best picture winning piece of cinema and said: 'yeah. let's churn out another adaptation. i think i could improve on ALFRED HITCHCOCK. i think i could add to SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER'S greatest performance by casting armie hammer.' no you can't!!! armie hammer has a dumb face!!!

  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist


    i know a fair bit about sexy fictional priests (corpus christi, fleabag, derry girls, m*a*s*h...) but oh my god father karras shows them all up. i am in love with him. sorry guys i have absolutely zero thoughts about this film but many sinful thoughts about the priest