The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★

experienced a certain kind of sadness as the credits rolled and i realised that this is the first wes anderson film i haven’t loved. objectively each chapter is gorgeous, deliciously funny and masterfully constructed, with the first chapter being particularly strong. but i always felt like i was in the eye of a storm, swept up before i could develop any attachment to the characters. sometimes it’s just too much: there were quite a few scenes where i felt like i was physically incapable of digesting everything on screen, of understanding the fast-paced, verbose monologues that are constantly thrown at you. just too many snippets where i wanted a full story, something immersive, tangible. i did love the ending though, tying up the complex structure neatly and warmly. it’s just that i know i’ll never watch it again, and that’s the first time i’ve ever felt that about something from wes anderson.

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