Kimi ★★★½

For someone so concerned with health and infecctious diseases, she has a terrible hand disinfection technique. Looks good on the screen with the way she holds her hands (gives her a lot of character, but doesn't do much in terms of actually cleaning your hands).

Having said that, very solid thriller by Soderbergh, he just keeps on delivering, doesn't he? He simply does the films he wants to, am I right? If not, it certainly does seem like it's true. What I really liked about the film was how well characterized she was. There was no trouble dialogues where she says "You know I am *insert personality trait", it was with simple actions these elements were revealed. Wether it was removing the sheets imediatelly after sex, or the way she would walk in a fast pace while exhibiting signs of serious anxiety, her actions spoke for themselves, and thus the audience got a full fledged character, no half person or a cartoon, she was a real human. As far as humans in films go, of course.

And the trailer made it seem like an action thriller with amazing car chases or acrobatic scenes and that is simply not true. It was more intended as a character study. I think the film explores much more how we relate to technology in the modern age (something I'm glad Soderbergh got right, instead of blasting "those them Millenials and their phones") and how it can block us or make us function. The first scene for example, it's very simple but by getting a guy that looks to be in an office during a Zoom meeting, and he is actually in a basement, you just show how deceiving people can be during this day and age. It's not a scene of higher intelligence nor mind-blowing, but it's simple and to the point. There are also such things happening with Angela, her instagram account is full of pictures she didn't really take and places she hasn't really been to. She makes herself look more interesting on a superficial app, and I'm not sure if this is a way of looking for validation from others or as a way to hide her ownself from anyone who might come close to her.

I have to admit, the ending didn't really work that well for me, I think it had solid directing (just like the whole film), but it could have had something more to make it more exciting perhaps. I did like it however, just felt it was missing something else to work properly. Also, nice touch, the guy who played Buzz in Home Alone is named Kevin on this film, that was funny as a movie joke.

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