Sami Rae

manic indie meme girl, its that simple

Favorite films

  • A Serious Man
  • Lady Bird
  • When Harry Met Sally...
  • Moonrise Kingdom

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  • Nightcrawler


  • Big Fish


  • The Piano Teacher


  • The Courier


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  • Nightcrawler



    This is what you get if Joaquin Phoenix’s joker  played Patrick Bateman.

  • Big Fish

    Big Fish


    *** edit***

    This is how I want to die. With no spoilers I just want to say that this movie almost brought me to tears in its poetic, literal depiction of what death can be if you make your life an adventure. 

    ** original**
    And why does nobody say Tim burton is their favorite director with a straight face? Because he really might be one of mine. Romantic, ambitious, dark, whimsical, imaginative - what more could you want from a movie?

Popular reviews

  • The King of Staten Island

    The King of Staten Island


    I was never attracted to Pete Davidson until I saw his full-fledged daddy issues and then I was like oh yeah that’s something I can work with.... 😩🥵

  • Wild Wild Country

    Wild Wild Country

    I am dangerously vulnerable to accidentally joining a cult. It's pathetic. This has nearly happened to me twice already in LA. If I didn't keep myself on my toes with this doc, among others, I might as well have been in it