The Night House

The Night House ★★★½

"Are you really going to stand there and lecture me on his posthumous right to privacy?"

Strong limbs let down by a somewhat weak core. Effective acting, especially from Rebecca Hall who is such a great worker the rest of this film kinda struggles to earn the effort she's putting in. The dialogue is smart and there's commendable attention to logical details (if my dead husband texts me during the night the first thing I'm going to do the next morning is check my texts again to make sure that really happened, right? Right!). There's a lot of talk about whether there's "nothing" after death but we can't seem to nail down what "nothing" is exactly.

The pace is sedate but there's regular injections of jump scares and unsettling imagery to make sure you're still facing forward. You'll spend almost the entire runtime wondering where this mysterious plot could possibly be going which is fun and frustrating in equal turns. Rebecca Hall rocks but watching her wrestle the invisible man might not be the terrifying spectacle they originally envisioned. I found the conclusion perfectly serviceable but not exactly satisfying. I'd say it's worth watching but keep your expectations in check.

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