Alex Koutavas

Alex Koutavas

"You say you like really good movies but you really just like Ben Affleck."
- my sister

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  • A Trip to the Moon

    A Trip to the Moon

    Absolutely visionary. Absolutely strange.

    Can you believe this came out 67 years before the actual moon landing? I can't!

  • Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

    Superman/Batman: Apocalypse


    Definitely better than its predecessor!

    As a narrative line, Public Enemies is a bit stronger. But Apocalypse delivers in just about all other areas. The characters are way more fleshed out. The action is way more impactful and creative. I think it could've really been elevated with more of a central focus on Supergirl's perspective, but its good to see her story here. Its cool to see the New Gods! Its cool to see an army of Doomdays face off the trinity (mainly Batman with a battleaxe)! Its very cool to see the Captain Raymond Ho- I mean Darkseid fight at the farm on the end!

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  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    Crazy, Stupid, Love.


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Cute! The climax is absolutely hilarious. There are a lot of sweet moments and good jokes but my favorite bits are maybe the visual gags. The dramatic pan of Gosling eating pizza, Robbie raising his chair height, or the opening showing the fancy shoes at dinner and cutting to Cal's beaten up sneakers.

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    The train heist is a blast and the entire Kessel Run is some awesome space fun and I love that.
    Ehrenreich isn't bad! His line delivery often feels reminiscent of Han in the original trilogy and even when its heavy handed, he really does a solid job of embodying the character without feeling like its an impression. His relationship with Chewie is one of my favorite bits of this.

    All of the Easter eggs and callbacks are...a lot. When its…