• Sooryavanshi


    Ranveer Singh in his 10min cameo outshines literally everyone

  • Eternals



    The cast 🥵🥵

  • Dhamaka



    They didn't have to go this much OTT just because it was an OTT platform release🥴
    Subtlety bhi important hai

    Kudos to Soham Majumdar for his voice acting,
    also, Mrunal Thakur, please stop doing 5min roles as the hero's love interest/motivation

  • Chehre


    some really powerhouse performances, the story was engaging and going good but then
    second half🤮
    amitabh's unnecessary monologue 🤮🤮
    accused falling from a cliff because 'dharti par nahi toh bhagwan insaaf kar hi dega' 🤮🤮🤮

    ending scene was nice tho

  • A Royal Winter

    A Royal Winter

    makes up for good background noise while working 👍

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    Made for a fun back-to-theatres experience!

    Loved, loved, loved the BGM and cinematography so much
    Had some really hot characters 🥵
    But the plot faltered a bit and seemed to draw inspiration from various sources (just a small letdown). Overall a good movie, especially that end-credit scene👌

    To end I'd just like to say,

  • Easy A

    Easy A


    what is the procedure to get adopted by the Penderghast family?

  • Shiddat



    A thorough feast for the eyes and ears

    Mohit Raina and Sunny Kaushal's performances are just too good! The album is great, with some really memorable songs.

    Some plotlines are just matlab-kuch-bhi!?!?
    Problematic in parts, but still made me feel things

  • Bell Bottom

    Bell Bottom


    Average movie.
    Unnecessary songs. Bad VFX. Very predictable. Neither boring nor exciting storyline.
    Akshay Kumar in the mold of yet another patriotic-secret-agent character.
    Good performances by Lara Dutta and Adil Hussain.

  • Shershaah



    I'm just speechless.
    This movie has been in the making for 6years, and all the dedication and hardwork put in by people shows. Based on the life of PVC Captain Vikram Batra, Shershaah follows his story from the locales of Palampur to his contribution in the Kargil War.
    The cinematography is amazing. Shot in Kargil, the war scenes look authentic and take viewers right in the middle of the action. The writing could've been a bit better as some of…

  • Mimi



    After seeing the trailer, everyone (including me) thought they showed the whole plot in there , but that was only half of it - quite literally.
    The movie feels long and draggy in bits, courtesy to the plethora of issues they seem to tackle on.
    The story is good, and the message of the movie is sweet, but the execution of the climax could've been much better. It felt rushed, and didn't quite go with the established characterization.
    The dialogues…

  • Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

    Mere Brother Ki Dulhan


    Will never not enjoy this movie. Idk can we please bring back the romcoms, Bollywood?
    One of the best soundtracks ever.

    Dimple Dixit my iconique qween.