• Ray


    (Have only seen the third and fourth part yet)

    Part 3 - Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa
    One can seldom go wrong with Manoj Bajpayee to bank on, and with the addition of Gajraj Rao this part has some top-notch performances. The language/dialect, the Urdu, and the shayrana andaaz ufff....
    a pure delight to watch and listen to. The transformation scenes were smooth and creative, and overall execution of the whole thing was pretty good.

    Part 4 - Spotlight
    Acting performances were average but the story oh man totally crazy ride. Radhika Madan though ❤

  • Loki



    The first 5 episodes were straight up amazing with a balance of all elements and emotions, but the finale just felt draggy and underwhelming. Became kinda anti-climactic after all the high power action in the previous episodes.
    The visuals and the score are too good across all episodes. The intro in the finale with all voiceovers made me kaafi emotional.

    Loki as a character was great, but Tom's acting felt off in parts. Best performances of the show were undoubtedly…

  • Toofaan


    Great acting performances by everyone involved but the movie as a whole just doesn't work.
    The relationship and family arcs were well done but ultimately it's the same old story along with a lot of subplots. You don't get a chance to feel the emotion before the action cuts to a different scene.
    Why were there so many songs?!? And the runtime is just not it.

  • Haseen Dillruba

    Haseen Dillruba


    Sambandh toh maansik hote hai, shaaririk toh sambhog hota hai

    Quite liked this dialogue for some reason.
    The movie was wayy too crazy. It started off well, went downhill in the middle, and came back in the end. Didn't really have much of mystery parts for a movie marketed as 'the ultimate kaunspiracy'. It is predictable, but the climax still managed to have a good impact.
    That being said, Haseen Dilruba still has problematic and toxic themes present throughout the…

  • Luca



    Wish I could 'Silencio Bruno' my life too

  • Kaminey



    Kaminey if a claffic. Each perfon affofiated haf delivered and how!

    Be it Shahid Kapur as both Guddu and Charlie, Priyanka Chopra as a Marathi mulgi (her command over the language really surprised me), Amol Gupte as a Thackeray-esque politician or the various side characters who had their own stories to tell - each actor performs exceptionally well and has delivered a powerful act.
    Certain parts in the middle were confusing, and the climax was a bit messy - but…

  • Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai

    Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai


    Great dialoguebaazi. Superb album. Good background score. Underutilized Randeep Hooda and Prachi Desai. Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut were nice but Emraan Hashmi was downright bad.

    Overall a good enough masala flick.

  • Radhe



    The movie is filled with choppy editing, bad writing, cringy one-liners, (no) acting, unnecessary gaalis, casual sexism, excessive objectification, and loads of problematic triggering scenes. The age difference and 'romance' between the leads is uncomfortable, to say the least. The tone of the movie keeps shifting between serious guy trying-to-murder-everyone and Robinhood cop lusted-by-everyone trying to be philosophical-yet-funny.
    Also how is an action movie pathetically bad at action sequences!?!?
    Even Randeep Hooda has started looking monotonous in his roles and is wayyy off in here

    Enjoyed one guy and one song