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This review may contain spoilers.

While this film clearly sets out from the start to display a compelling piece of artwork that viewers and critics alike will praise and analyze for years to come, it fails to deliver in almost every aspect. The only analysis happening will be everyone wonder how this hobbled together film managed to leave the drawing board. The baffling choice to cast the duo of Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson is one of the many issues that plagues this movie from the start, before it erodes into a mess of gratuitous nudity and sexual innuendo. The intention of the film comes off as incoherent as neither of the duo come off as likeable and the plot fails to even give an attempt of continuity as we're left wondering what just happened or why. The Film struggles to find its footing with the mythological references that are half heartedly introduced and then immediately forgotten about until the next appearance of tenticles or mermaid nudity clearly introduced merely to keep the drab setting from dragging the audience to sleep much like the ocean tide that the film loves to bring up to the point of madness. The most insane thing about this film isnt what day it is or whether or not there are supernatural forces at play, its why anyone bothers to spend their hard earned money on a movie that comes off as antiquated and out of time. Haha jk movie was pretty good 4/5

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