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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    Sam (son of Barry) Levinson made his directorial debut in 2011 with comedy/drama Another Happy Day but I think it’s fair to say that many viewers bypassed it. With his sophomore film Assassination Nation he crafts something that’s very hard to ignore or overlook - regardless of whether you love it or loathe it. Simply put, it’s a pretty bold affair and there’s absolutely no doubting the abundance of style the film has. Trying to even describe what genre it…

  • One from the Heart

    One from the Heart


    In 2016, Damien Chazelle had everyone captivated with his vibrant musical/love story La La Land and it even went on to gain numerous awards but when you look at Francis Ford Coppola’s One From The Heart from 1982, you have to wonder why he didn’t receive the same recognition. This is a magically realised addition to Coppola’s filmography and probably the main reason it wasn’t accepted is because it was way ahead of its time. Admittedly, the love story underneath…

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  • The Fanatic

    The Fanatic


    So Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst fancies himself as a bit of a filmmaker? Plenty (myself included) would advise otherwise if The Fanatic is anything to go by. I will say one thing, he at least seems to know that the film is an absolute stinker and hands the reins over to Travolta to try and make something of it. On occasion, Travolta has actually been quite reliable but that seems like a long time ago. I mean this is…

  • Outlaw King

    Outlaw King


    With Mel Gibson winning a Best Picture and Best Director Oscar for Braveheart in 1995, any film that followed and further explored the history of Scotland’s plight for independence against the tyranny of England would inevitably find itself compared to that Hollywood epic. Even though David Mackenzie’s Outlaw King arrives over 20 years later, that comparison still weighs heavy. That said, Mackenzie is more interested in historical accuracy and plays his film with a different and quieter tone. That’s not…