A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace ★★★★

not nearly as bad as i was lead to believe it would be. i haven't looked at other letterboxd reviews for this movie, but everything i'd heard pre-watch had been very lukewarm or negative. i mean as a standalone story, i can see why people would feel eh about it; perhaps the criticism i was hearing was more about the story itself than its value as an adaptation. coming at it as someone who dearly loves the book, i thought this movie was really good! it hit many of the emotional beats that the 2000s movie didn't, feels tender and nostalgic, is generally a very faithful adaptation (it frequently has lines which are taken directly from the text), and manages to make brinker like, actually scary (to me lol). he feels like an awful ivy league frat boy with rich parents who would absolutely haze u. i expected the choice to only cast acting students to be detrimental (it was filmed at the school devon was based on and cast real students as all the student characters), but to me, it does not detract from the vibe or performances at all. i definitely recommend giving this a watch if you like the book! otherwise, it'll either hit or miss.