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  • Kaili Blues

    Kaili Blues


    The present is disintegrating into the troubled past. Time flows, and its flow changes course, but you wouldn't know it from being in it. Shadows cast on a wall.

    Final sequence: rapturous and breathtaking -- brings this up from a 3 star film. Beckons you to revisit everything that came before, which I had watched passive and a little impatient from a distance.

    Distance partially comes from how little info slips through, and how easily misplaced it is. One-time mentioned figures or memories come up and the film gestures toward the shadow they cast but never directs you to look at it.

  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    moments and passages of brilliance: wildness, electricity, vulnerability. is it ineffable or is it just erotic?

    stretches of tedium: I wanna shake Claire Denis, can I talk some sense into her? what's the worst that could happen if this movie shed a few pounds

    what to do with L'INTRUS? what to do? maybe my third viewing will be the charm, and i'll find out how to really watch it

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  • A Bread Factory Part One: For the Sake of Gold

    A Bread Factory Part One: For the Sake of Gold


    (rating for part 1; review for parts 1 and 2)

    I'm of two minds:

    1) it's four hours long and I wanted more!

    2) it's four hours long and I wanted not a minute fewer: but more focus, fewer sideshows, less throwing-at-the-wall-and-seeing-what-sticks

    let either statement be a testament to the superb way the film brought me into its fold. in spite of its rather gracelessness first 25 minutes or so, which did little to convince me that this was a…