There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★½

There Will Be Blood is considered by many Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece. As I saw The Master recently, it's impossible for me to look at this film without comparing it with the aforementioned. Yes, I liked The Master more than There Will Be Blood, and here's why:

Without entering in details about the story, I'll just say that this film can be watered down to two characters, and that (if it's not the purpose of the film in the first place), is usually not a good thing at all.

Daniel Day-Lewis, who interprets the main character, is forced to hold almost all the weight of the film by himself. This is my biggest complain, as the actor, although his performance is pretty damn good throughout the film, tends to over-act too much for his own good.

The movie is visually stunning, but lacks on the sound department. The crimes of its score are the same as those of the starring actor: although it is quite good, some cues get old too quick when overused, which happens in a scene or two. Some sound effects are out of synch as well.

This complains may come off as nitpicking, and the rating as unfair. Don't get me wrong, it's a great film which I'd go as far as to call a must watch, but by no means a masterpiece. Go watch it, you'll probably like it more than I did.