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  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Masochistico recupero post-veneziano: Ad Astra, Odissea nell'Inespressività.

    Molte delle sempre discutibili scelte del film - scritto male e diretto peggio da James Gray - sembrano atte a compesare l'imbarazzante inespressività di Brad Pitt: la dichiarata imperturbabilità del suo personaggio (non più di 80 battiti al minuto, anche in situazioni di pericolo); la fotografia che illumina il suo bel viso in modo da farlo assomigliare ad un campo di patate; la pedante, anti-cinematografica voce fuori campo che ci informa di ogni suo - altrimenti imperscrutabile - pensiero/sentimento.

  • Burning



    "Life is a Mistery."

    Best Film released (only) this year in my poor Italy.

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  • Sauvage



    Félix Maritaud performance in 'Sauvage' is really phenomenal!!
    Not only he fully identify with Léo, he absorbs him, he incorporates him, he makes him his own flesh and blood.
    His unblemished angel ended - by accident or because of a dark obsession of self-punishment - in hell, but who retains its innocence, its purity - with his defenceless body offered in sacrifice, his languid and disarmed face, his Bambi eyes, his beauty - goes directly in my cinematographic imaginary next to Joe Dallesandro's Little Joe in 'Flesh' (1968)/'Trash' (1970) and River Phoenix's Mike Waters in 'My own private Idaho' (1991)!

  • Joker


    SHAME ON YOU LUCRECIA MARTEL and the rest of the Jury!!!

    They succeed in tarnishing the prestige of the oldest Festival of Cinema by awarding a tired and s*itty blockbuster - provided with a populist and fascist message - totally unworthy of the competition. Congratulations!

    “I cannot eat rice with my fingers like this”
    “Then why don’t you eat s*it?”
    (from Pier Paolo Pasolini's 'Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom')