Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

When using clay, you etch the edges of pieces you want to fuse with many little cuts so they stick together in the kiln, otherwise they will break apart.

This is a film about grief and guilt, about people who have etched into themselves through time and loss as they grapple with their subjunctive. They form bonds around their mutual scars.

The complexity of their relationships with themselves and their pasts unfurls in steps, so well as to give a false emotional climax that feels complete. The film reveals itself slowly, and when the monologues are delivered, they merely reflect what we have already come to know about our characters.

As one observes of another: there is no mystery here, this is simply who they are. Can you accept that reality? Can you keep living and become whole? Only through a bond with another who has been etched.

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