Burning ★★★★½

Little hungry people is physically hungry, The great hungry is a person who is hungry for survival.

The thing about Burning is that I'm not able to stop thinking about this movie.

Burning is a baffling experience...
But at the same time is so incredibly beautiful. Scenes like the one from the poster are so delightful and eye-catching. The cinematography is gorgeous, is like being inside a dream.

Its style of unravelling is marvelous. It has a natural, slow pacing, and the terror slowly starts to rise and get under our skin. I found myself holding my breath in some parts, every action, look and dialogue of the characters begins to be disturbing and desperate.

Bad things happen, but you never realize until it's too late. It's like you're in a maze, but you don't know it until you find youself in a dead end, unable to move away.

It's the whole ambiguity of the story what makes the runtime fly right by. At the end, I ended up with more questions than answers: where is the girl? was Ben really the killer? was ''burning greenhouses'' code for ''killing women? what happened to Hae-Mi's apartment? was the cat in Ben's house Hae-Mi's cat or was it just a coincidence?

I feel like I have so much to dissect, so many analysis and theories but.. do they matter at the end?

Burning is a slow burn, what an awesome film.

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