Old ★★★★½

When asked about the movie, M. Night Shyamalan said:

The movies that I try to make deal with something I'm struggling with or something I'm scared about, and Old is definitely about this moment where I'm seeing my kids grow up and I see my parents get older in a way that's frightening, and I'm fully aware that my kids will not look like this very soon and my parents won't be like that very soon.

Time goes by so fast.

Growing up is very scary. Truth is, we are always growing up, getting older. You're older than you were this morning, and humans are always changing, to the point that we're not the same person we were last year, last month, or even an hour ago.

Your cells have died, regenerated, died again, regenerated again. In 10 years, all your body cells will be replaced by new ones, making you an entirely new you - I can't really put into words why, but this thought always unsettles me.

Aging is inevitable, and it's a fate we all share. M. Night puts that fear of decay and detrioration very well on screen. It is not just about wrinkles or loss of muscle mass or blurred vision, it is also about how minds deteriorate, and how our loved ones are also aging and we will lose them at some point in our lives.

Time doesn't go back. Life teaches us to appreciate time and time teaches us to value life.

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