Possession ★★★★½

Do you believe in God?... It's in me.

If we take Marriage Story and The Exorcist and blend them together, Possession would be the result of that mixing.

I don't even know how to describe it. This is bizarre, scary, surreal, experimental... true cinema.
The performances are a masterclass in acting, Adjani and Neils are such amazing actors that completely envolved me in this, and I believed and feared every second of the runtime.

The director did an amazing job. Possession achieves its goal and lets us in a unpredictable, psychotic nightmare. It really lets us feel the craziness in its characters. Just to think about that subway scene terrifies me.

A total cult classic that left me with more answers than questions, but which I totally recommend.

Possession has a lot of layers, it can even be interpreted as an allegory for divorce, guilt and a broken home, but who am I to tell.

[Secret cinema (alternative pick) | Round 8 | Amrit]

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