The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

I tend the light. See to yer duties, the light is mine.

This truly is a beautiful psychological nightmare.
The Lighthouse is a well-researched horror film and it feels like it's set in the late 1800's. It looks like a classic noir movie, the black and white gives tension but it also symbolizes the grey morality of the characters. Speaking of the characters, the performances of Dafoe and Pattinson are glorious, with great monologues that reminded me of the epic Shakespearean plays and a strong energy and dominant attitude.

The framing is awesome. The aspect ratio makes everything very claustrophobic and gives the feeling to be trapped in a confined space with this wickies.
The sound design is impressive, it's very intimidating and it adds a lot of terror, I was frightened by the loud sound of the foghorn. The soundtrack feels long, even though the songs are 2 minutes long they feel eternal. It's like the time has its own rules there. Just like in the movie, the time expands and lengthens and it all feels like an eternal agony.

Boredom makes men to villains, and the water goes quick, lad, vanished.

I'm not gonna talk about the Prometheus myth cause I've seen a lot of theories about it and I feel like I won't add anything new to the subject. But, just like Eggers prior movie The VVitch, I know this has a lot of religious references and hidden symbols. So for me this could be seen as the garden of Eden, where the lighthouse it's like the forbidden fruit that gives knowledge and literally enlightens his keeper.

The vastness of the ocean terrifies me, it's grandiosity scares me... so watching them trapped in an island was nerve-wracking for me. Both protagonists seek for dominance. They're fighting for power and authority. They're both mysterious men that guard the lighthouse, but despise begins to emerge and the roughness between them grows.

Both wickers slowly descend to madness and become totally crazy because of the isolation: in an island far away from civilization with no awareness of time, their mental states become unstable. This is very ambiguous, we never know what happens, what's the reality or who's telling the truth. Is Wake gaslighting or manipulating Wislow or is it all an hallucination of Pattinson's character?

And that ending was one of the most awesome yet terrifying scenes I've ever seen.

The lighthouse's light is hypnotic, mysterious and stimulating and like a moth attracted to the light, Winslow wasn't gonna survive.

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