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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My mom watched this movie a couple of weeks ago and when I asked her what she thought of it, she said that while it was good, she felt like she had β€œheard a bit too much about it,” and I’m sort of feeling the same way after watching it. There was a lot that I enjoyed but I think that I wanted to like it more than I actually did just based off of what I had heard about…

  • Nancy Drew

    Nancy Drew


    this movie made me want to be a plucky teenage detective who solved mysteries by using her wit and a whole lot of moxie when i watched it at age seven.
    i am happy to announce that it had the same effect on me while watching it at age 20! girl power!

  • Miss Americana

    Miss Americana


    i am a swiftie first and an american second

  • Step Brothers

    Step Brothers


    the sweet child o mine scene remains to be one of the funniest things i’ve ever watched in my life

  • Anand



    lots of thoughts which i do not have the energy or desire to unpack at the moment.Β overall just a really good movie to start getting me out of my movie watching slump :’)

  • Tangled



    i am 20 years old and i’ve seen this movie several times but the entire lantern scene and the line β€œyou were my new dream” both still make me tear up

  • Tribute to Zgougou the Cat

    Tribute to Zgougou the Cat

    i don’t speak french but the vibes were lovely!
    fantastic work zgougou, you’re doing amazing sweetie!

  • Euphoria: Trouble Don't Last Always
  • Monsters University

    Monsters University


    would have been better with the call me by your name soundtrack playing at the same time #iykyk

    i watched this with my 11 year old sister and during the last 10 minutes of the movie she:
    - discovered that she had a loose tooth
    - wiggled the tooth so hard that it started bleeding a LOT
    - somehow YANKED the whole tooth out (which like... HOW???)
    in short, great job beatrice, you amaze me

    ALSO do y’all think that the monsters university greek life system has ever had issues with hazing? that would be kinda fucked up, huh?

  • Buffaloed



    just a girl boss building her empire 😌 #neverstophustling #womeninbusiness #girlpower

  • U.S. Go Home

    U.S. Go Home


    I recently realized that I’m going to turn 21 this year and I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting upon my own adolescence since then. I think that’s what made this movie work so well for me. It’s easily one of the most accurate depictions of what teenage years feel like that I’ve ever seen which I was especially impressed by because of how short it is. This movie hit a lot closer to home than I was expecting and it’s going to stick with me for a while.

  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year

    High School Musical 3: Senior Year

    i honestly don’t think that any disappointment in life will ever top when i saw this movie in theatres at age 8 and was just like β€œwow, this is definitely the worst movie in the high school musical saga.”

    my *~official~* high school musical movie ranking:
    3. high school musical 3: senior year
    2. high school musicalΒ 
    1. high school musical 2