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  • The Spark

    The Spark

    i watched this in the chick-fil-a drive through line

  • Waited for

    Waited for

    I watched this for a class that I’m taking about familial relationships. A friend of mine who took the same class last year told me that it’s going to make me want to adopt by the end of the semester. She was correct.
    At one point in this movie, a woman explains that her adopted daughter’s first name means β€œwaited for” in her native language and her middle name means β€œlove” in the mother’s because she was β€œthe little love that we waited a long time for” and let me tell you, that almost made me cry.

  • The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!

    The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!

    that little girl with the ponytail makes me irrationally ANGRY, i'm literally so UPSET