Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

i waited 2 years for this movie!! a whole 2 YEARS. TFA was what got me into star wars. I fell in love with the characters. rey finn poe they are my babies. i remember being so excited going into the theater. how will the story possibly unfold after that cliffhanger?? as i was watching the movie the more i felt a bit underwhelmed. like some parts were a bit draggy, the humor was like a marvel movie and that wasn't my cup of tea. and when luke just threw his lightsaber like?? okay we waited 2 years for him to do that? alright. anyways i loved that they added rose. shes adorable. but that kiss with finn was pretty unnecessary!!! there was absolutely no buildup to a romance. it was pure friendship. disney really wants to destroy our dreams of finnpoe happening. this is homophobic. also kylo hating luke bc he tried to kill him is valid but also luke of all people would do that? i feel like thats just an easy excuse as to why everything kylo does is justified? its bad writing in my opinion. rian johnson could've not wrote luke like that. and i wish so badly for the movie to be the trio REY FINN POE like disney markets them as a trio but theres no screen time of rey with them?? i feel like i've been robbed. and i really wanted to like kylo but they made him a real baddie. when he talks to rey im wondering is he actually telling her the truth? or is he just manipulating her like how snoke has abusing and manipulating him. its just toxic anyways i have a lot more to say but thats it for now folks

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