I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

ok i never write long reviews but this is important to me so lemme just say something.... margot robbie is literally so fucking talented like this is the first movie she’s ever produced with her OWN production company while also starring in the movie and giving probably the best performance i’ve seen in YEARS not to mention her best performance to date and it’s getting nominated for all these big awards when it’s her FIRST time producing!!!

and it breaks my heart that she’s not gonna get any big award wins this year when she’s worked SO hard for this movie and really put her heart in it like every moment she looks into the camera.... i felt that shit in my soul.... and yes if this won’t be her year to win i’ll still be more than happy to see her nominated for all these big awards and i know in the future she’ll definitely win some because she’s just THAT talented!

but i’m so tired of people overlooking her talent or thinking she does the same role or calling her a bad actress who only gets roles because she’s hot when 1) she’s NEVER done a role like this before 2) she’s been talented her whole fucking life like y’all all saw wolf of wall street right?? sis should’ve gotten an oscar nom for that too but i rest my case! and 3) she spent 10 months training for this movie then more months filming and producing it like margot is a fucking powerhouse boss ass woman in this industry who deserves to be taken seriously and has EARNED every success and bit of praise that she has in her career! 

so bottom line is this is a movie everyone should see and go out and support because that is what miss margot robbie DESERVES! margot rights!!!!

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