Knock Knock

Knock Knock ★★½

What's right with it:
- keanu serving dad looks
- the girls are great at playing manipulative right from the beginning and i love to hate them
- the age revelation was kinda clever
- the setting is fun

What's wrong with it:
- the actress playing the wife is WAAAAAAY too young even to play a 34 year old mother of two (i googled her and she's not even 30 now)
- some of the lines are just embarrassing and no actor can pull them off
- keanu's character is a nice dude but has like 8 brain cells
- no way would that girl fit in a 7 year old girl's clothing
- the black guy's dialogue????????? is kinda racist??????
- the fucking pun
- the meme
- the ending amounts to nothing

Seeing as the director is married to one of the young actresses from the movie, it really reads as the director's perverted fantasy in which he builds a movie around his weird kinks, and has poor Keanu Reeves play it himself under the disguise of a thriller movie. It has some kind of badass moments however, so I would say it's a solid 5/10.

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