Burning ★★★★★

a mystery thriller that slowly engulfs you into it's flames.

A Korean foreign film directed by Lee Chang-dong (his first movie in 8 years). This is a movie that for the first hour, you have no clue where it's going, and then suddenly hits a turning point that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

it plays with social and class archetypes, mental health, loneliness, unemployment, jealousy and many more subtle points. The three characters in this are so well acted and feel as real as can be, along with stunning Cinematography and a landscape that turns just as cold as the story does.

big shoutout to the three actors Ah-in Yoo as Lee Jong-su, Jong-seo Jun as Shin Hae-mi, and Steven Yeun as Ben (from The Walking Dead), their chemistry is what kept me really invested.

You end this movie wishing there was another hour to get the final pieces of this puzzle together, but instead Lee Chang-dong leaves you to make a conclusion of your own. I think that's what makes the story great, you think you know, but do you?

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