10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You ★★★★★

I couldn’t decide on one thing to post so here are all 10 of them (yes it was difficult to only put down 10): 

1. Maybe (definitely) this is not the best movie to rewatch for the zillionth time when you‘re sad and getting over your very hard crush on a guy with a lot of green in his eyes and literally *the same* goddamn beautiful goofy ass smile as heath ledger... ah jeez, it’s really hard 

2. EVERYTHING, and I cannot stress this enough, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OH MY GOD I can’t take my eyes off of it

3. I want “As his hand slid up her creamy white thighs, she could feel his huge m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ bratwurst pulsating with desire“ on my grave stone thank you and goodbye

4. If your guy doesn’t lose all sense of reality and stares into blank nothingness just at the mere thought of you or you having simple black underwear the way patrick verona does then I’m sorry but he ain’t it

5. Not gonna lie, I’m definitely looking forward to the day I can use “don’t, for one minute, think you had any effect whatsoever on my panties”

6. Me: should I maybe be worried that I see myself a little too much in the queen kat stratford herself hmmmmm 
Also me, 2.856 nanoseconds later: nah

7. «Oh! Must be Nigel with the brie!»
(no it’s not)

8. «Are you telling me I’m not a pretty guy???????????»

9. «*Dad doing sit ups* “............ SEVEN!............ good” *stands up*»

10. «I’m up for a hemorrhoid cream ad next week!»

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