Enola Holmes ★★★

What an adorable piece of Sherlock fanfic!
Nothing groundbreaking of course and it's a bit too long, but certainly more than decent family entertainment. Nice production values (including a notably lovely score) and Millie Bobby Brown proves her star power in another memorable lead role after ST's Eleven, even if her narration can be a little clumsy at times.
The rest of the cast is just as charming, in your traditional mix of Harry Potter/BBC shows. Newcomer Louis Partridge is adorable as Viscount Tewkesbury and him and Brown are ridiculously cute together.
Still I have to say as a big Holmes fan, I wasn't particularly fond of either Mycroft or Lestrade's characterization and still find Cavill a bit too bland. He does wear the suit really well though but yeah...Team Cumberbatch forever :p

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