King Kong

King Kong ★★★

Poor Kong ):

Driscoll's Brody was kinda boring in the remake but at least he didn't hate women ?! lmao actual line from the film
Anyone with common sense would choose Kong over him except that this Ann REALLY is reduced to ONLY screaming once Kong captures her (her screams are iconic but still)

Girl he FIGHTS A T REX FOR YOU (and he even double checks if his jaw is still working after crushing it, love that this ridiculous little detail actually came from the original and was kept in the remake)
Still impressive to this day thanks to the wonderful use of animatronics (Kong's sad expressions, the dinosaurs!)
Truly the Grandaddy of Monster Movies but without much of an emotional involvement (Kong is the only character you really care about tbh). Which is why you can count me among those who prefer-and-not just-because-it's-the-version-they-grew-up-with Jackson's remake.
Which unlike this one tells a true reciprocated tragic romance and thus a better update of the Beauty and the Beast story.

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